Why the Interest in Pinterest? A New Social Network Takes Hold

Pinterest is barely two years old (a relative newbie compared to the other top-ranking social networks) but it’s already making big waves and gathering major steam among brands who see the large traffic generated by the network to be a welcome indication of what’s to come on the platform.

What makes Pinterest different?  First, it’s very visual. Users organize their content based on categories chosen by them. Users then “pin” photos representing their interests or mood for others to “pin” (share) or comment on. It’s simple — maybe even too simple — but this is exactly what Users love about Pinterest.

Research by Experian Hitwise shows significant traffic being driven to retailer’s sites from Pinterest! This is no small development.  Traffic to Pinterest is robust, to say the least.  According to Compete, December alone, Pinterest drew 7.51 million unique visitors.  And things are only just beginning to get interesting. According to the research, women represent 58% of Pinterest’s Users (a sweet-spot for retailers).

It’s too early to tell whether the early promising numbers and buzz Pinterest is gaining will make the startup a true social media contender with the big boys.  But, if the infographic below is a solid representation of Pinterest’s potential, it’s certainly worth the time and effort for markerts, brands, entrepreneurs and especially retailers to get involved with the Pinterest community.

Infographic courtesy of Monetate (@monetate).



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